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VIP Private Health Coaching

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All things health can be so confusing! Every week there’s something new and what’s right for one person might not work for you. So, you try diet after diet, workout after workout, trend after trend. All of the ups and downs are so defeating leaving you more frustrated, unmotivated and insecure than ever.

This program is for women who are ready to break free from body shame, judgment and feeling stuck to start living fierce, fabulous and free from the scale by taking back control of their mindset, health and happiness.

✓ Do you feel like it’s just not in the cards for you to have a healthy body & love what you see in the mirror?

✓ Do you struggle with staying motivated and finding the energy to make healthy choices consistently?

✓ Have you tried other programs or diets and haven't been able to maintain results?

✓ Have you been experiencing a lack of energy to get through your day and are tired of being tired?

THEN My VIP Private Health Coaching is for You!

In this 90 day transformational program you will...

  • Uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the body and health that you want. 

  • Develop a powerful understanding of how improving stress and digestive health will transform your life so that you can start to lose weight again.

  • Overcome your fear of weight gain and create a healthy relationship with food and movement.

  • Establish simple, healthy and sustainable routines and practices to raise your health, vibration and happiness.

  • Learn how the power of your words can empower you, reframe selfish to self-care and confidently set boundaries so that you put yourself as a priority and thrive.

  • Discover the key to unlock love and appreciation for their true self and finally feel comfortable in your own skin.

  • Reclaim your power and become the fierce, confident, fabulous woman with the body appreciation health and life that you deserve.

In this customized one-on-one program, you will receive:


  • An initial 30-minute “Wellness Assessment” kick-off session that will give you deep insights into the areas of your health that need nourishment and a blueprint to help you achieve your fierce confidence.

  • 12 weekly 45-minute Fierce & Fabulous sessions where we reconnect for consistency and continued movement towards the life you deserve

  • A Fierce & Fabulous Session Summary and recording will be provided for you with actions steps and the opportunity to revisit the session to integrate the learnings

  • Curated resources, exercises and Life Work to keep you on track outside of sessions

  • Two 10-minute SOS Sessions for when you need that extra support in the program

  • Up to 30-minutes monthly Telegram support for when you need the answers to your most burning questions

Set up a 15-minute Discovery Call to work with me!

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