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Work out your goals and dreams, then make them a reality. Whether it's being happy exactly where you are, or achieving something you've always desired, you can have it all.

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My favorite thing to do is help teens and young adults! I have the joy and the privilege of joining young people on their journey to understanding and appreciating the amazing person that they are. I see stress, fear and uncertainty go down and self-belief, motivation, energy and confidence go up! 

My mission is to empower teens to develop the mindset, confidence, and resilience to make positive choices, take control of their lives, and realize their full potential. I'm committed to helping them find daily joy and fulfillment in their personal growth, well-being, and relationships.


So if you’re ready to see your teen tackle (and achieve!) big, crazy personal goals that seem just out of reach… you’ve come to the right place.

I'm here to help your teen OR young adult unlock their confidence and become their best self. 



How I work with Teens & Young Adults...

Coaching for TWEENS & teens

(12 - 19)

Providing a teen with a personal cheerleader! Collaborating, guiding and supporting teens towards greater self-awareness, confidence, resilience, and decision-making skills.

Teenagers in Park
Group Hike

Coaching for Young Adults

(20 - 29)

Supporting young adults as they navigate the transition from teen to adulthood 

Increased Self-Esteem & Self-Awareness

Improved Decision Making Ability

Enhanced Relationships with Parents

Better Communication Skills

Cultivate Healthy Friendships

Soaring Confidence & Self-esteem

Improved Grades & Work Ethic

Understanding of Choices & Accountability

Future Planning & Vision

Realization of Potential Goals

Positive Self-Expression & Self Acceptance

Identity Formation


Development of Leadership Skills


Organization & Time Management Skills

Job Prep & Skills

Create Healthy Habits and Routines

Skills & Tools for Dealing with Life's Curve Balls

How Coaching Can Help

"I am living more fully in the moment and have a much healthier perspective on life."

I started meeting with Cindy not really knowing what to expect from life coaching. I had some specific goals I wanted to achieve but as we went through my journey I learned so much more about myself and my motivations beyond these specific goals. I came away with so much more self awareness and a host of tools to deal with life’s challenges. I am living more fully in the moment and have a much healthier perspective on life. I can’t thank Cindy enough!


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