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Through empathy-driven straight talk I help teens and young adults gain confidence to make better choices so parents can stress less and sleep more!


Thanks for popping by! I’m Cindy, a left-brain engineer who took a sharp right (re. right brain) and opened up a world of less stress, better life balance, and a lot more joy.


I'm a certified teen life coach, and health coach with over 15 years of experience in the wellness arena as a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and baby fitness mompreneur  and is the proud mom of two amazing teens. I was that busy working mom who took pride in being overscheduled and overworked. After my husband's much too early passing I finally reached a point where I wasn't happy, despite having all the “things” that society told me should bring me fulfillment.


I found herself perpetually not feeling like I was “enough” and didn't recognize (or even like) the person I saw in the mirror. My dissatisfaction with myself and my life was affecting my confidence, my relationship, my kids, and even my career.  I finally decided I couldn't live like that any longer. I knew things could be different. I took action and started investing time and energy in ME. By gaining clarity on who I am and where I want to go I was able to view things from a new perspective, change my habits that were holding me back and start taking the steps toward my dreams.


I soon realized that in my 20 year role as a corporate executive, and my 15 years  as a wellness professional, there was a common refrain I kept hearing which was,  "if only someone had told me that sooner I'd …(fill in the blank).” This refrain weighed on my heart and mind and before I knew it, I was drawn to helping my own teens (and their friends) with real-life advice to help them manage friendships, academic pressure, and family relationships. I saw how much stress and pressure these teens were under in their quest to manage it all. I knew I had found my “true calling” and decided I didn't want to continue to see our young people struggle and become the next adults to say "if only someone told me that sooner."


I changed course and found true fulfillment by supporting teens. Now my favorite thing to do is help teens and young adults on the edge of their greatness to understand and appreciate themselves. As part of my coaching, the teens I work with develop self-love, positive body image, stronger confidence, and freedom from stress and judgment. I provide practical real-time advice, tools, and strategies that they can start using immediately to change their habits, get through the hard stuff, and lower their stress so that they can discover true happiness and fulfillment long before middle age!

I'm the owner and founder of Cindy MacCormack Coaching, a certified life & mastery coach (Health Coach Institute), a certified teen coach through the specialized Teen Wisdom Life Coaching program and a certified trainer of the CIJ Clarity Catalyst & CIJ Insight for Life programs.


I’ve gained so much from my many lived experiences. For the past 20 years, I’ve collaborated with and coached teams and clients in the consulting arena. I’ve also had the joy of mentoring several young people in their careers. In parallel with my consulting career, I have been privileged to motivate and coach amazing people on their wellness adventures in the health, fitness, and wellness world for over 15 years as a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and mom & baby fitness biz owner. Alongside it all, I am a proud mom of two amazing young people and have been actively involved in their many extracurricular sports and groups along the way to lead, support, guide, and cheer. By combining my “real-life” coaching & corporate experience, life journey lessons, training in life and teen coaching, and coming from a place of empathy and empowerment, I am equipped with the strategies to help your teen or young adult finally get the life they deserve.

Start by booking a FREE 15-minute Inquiry Call with me!

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