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What Is Life Coaching?

Why Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a positive, proactive approach to drawing out your teen’s best and connecting them with the truest version of themselves.

We focus on the now, who she wants to become and the power she has to make decisions in this very moment that will shape her future and continue to create her character.

I create a safe, judgement-free space where she can ask her toughest questions, face her challenges and journey to discover the greatness already within her. Knowing that through our unique coaching relationship I will have the privilege of equipping her using strategies, tools and processes that can increase her self-esteem, self-acceptance and understanding. During the coaching process, girls and young women alike realize their worth, build confidence and often spark the desire to live their fullest life.

Someone the teen can confide in and trust in who will listen, advise, celebrate, challenge and collaborate without judgment.


They hold space and support the teen or young adult to find her authentic voice, trust in herself, and boldly step into who she truly is, break free from negative thoughts, body shame, and judgment and build her confidence to consistently show up and embrace her unique self. They stand with the girl or young woman as she overcomes fears and obstacles on the way to achieving her goals, and dreams and becoming the fierce, happy young woman who seizes her greatness and thrives.

a Teen & Young Adult Life Coach is

...a teen & young adult’s biggest cheerleader!

Top Teen & Young Adult Topics

Together, we tackle areas such as, but not limited to...

  • Decision Making & Communication

  • Dating

  • Friendships & Friend Drama

  • Body Image & Self-acceptance

  • School Stress and Academic Pressure

  • Academic & Life Stress

  • Time and Self-Management

  • Family Dynamics & Relationships

  • Direction and Future

  • Navigating Transition Years, Future & Planning

  • Self-Imposed and Peer Pressure

  • Resilience & Mindset

  • Self-Esteem and Personal Empowerment

  • Negative Beliefs & Self Confidence

  • And Sooo Much More!!

11 Cindy MacCormack-min.jpg

I't s cool to be confident and happy...

Through the trusted and unique coaching relationship, I will listen, advise, inform, challenge, and support your teen girl to know and honor herself, overcome obstacles, achieve her goals and dreams, and grow into the successful, happy and confident young women she is meant to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

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